Friday, August 28, 2015

The Left Are Defecating on America

     Since the presidential election of 1972-Nixon vs. McGovern-a strong element of liberalism has crept into both the Democrat and Republican parties. For their time, presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford were fairly liberal; after all, Nixon did give us the EPA and he took the US dollar off the gold standard.
     After one far-left term of Jimmy Carter, America was ready for a conservative candidate. They thought they got it in Ronald Reagan. However, the Gypper was a former Democrat, former governor of California, and a divorced ex-actor.
     Around 1980, Reagan was described as a Manhattan liberal. The Manhattan Liberal Club was founded in 1869 as a general forum for political ideas. Emma Goldman and other socialists often frequented the club around the turn of the last century.
     In spite of his campaign promises, Reagan did not decrease the size of government nor did he decrease government spending.
     George H. W. Bush, former VP for Reagan, served four years and popularized the phrase "New World Order." He lost to radical leftist Bill Clinton, a former protester of the War in Vietnam.
     Clinton was forced to rule as a moderate in 1994 as the mid-term elections gave the Republicans a majority in both houses of Congress for the first time in several years. Clinton's National Healthcare Plan was defeated by Congress. This was the first time a president attempted to allow the federal government to control our healthcare.
     George W. Bush took the reins in 2000 and busied himself with fighting radical Islam after 9-11. The Patriot Act, a serious encroachment on our right to privacy, became law.
     In 2008, America descended into Hell and elected Barack Hussein Obama to not one, but two terms of presidency. But the way was paved for Obama starting in 1972.
       To get some of his laws around Congress, Obama writes an unprecedented amount of Executive Orders, which is clearly a bastardization of their original intent. He appears also to have the US Supreme Court in his back pocket; they had clear chances to eliminate ObamaCare and gay marriage, but opted not to. With the passing of his National Healthcare Plan, the US government now controls our healthcare. Joseph Stalin would be proud.
         American culture appears to reflect the type of president currently in office. A few examples will suffice. The early 1960's were the Camelot years when John and Jackie and their two lovable kids were in the White House. Life in America almost mirrored Father Knows Best.
     The terms of Richard Nixon saw the rise of the anti-hero in movies, like Dirty Harry and Billy Jack. Rock music often reflected some bitterness.
     Saturday Night Live started during Gerald Ford's watch. He was a joke. Ford's campaign slogan in 1976 was "Whip Inflation Now."
     Jimmy Carter's incompetency lasted just four years and America attempted to cover it up with music, like classic rock, punk, and disco. Afternoon Delight came out when Carter took office.
     Reagan's two terms reflected his persona of  'somebody's crazy grandfather.' The 1980's music scene was one of zaniness where people jumped up and down on the dance floor and called it 'dancing.' Silly movies-Porky's-were plentiful.
     The music that was popular during the presidency of Bush #41 was Grunge. Enough said.
     Clinton's era was that of boring boy bands or girl bands. Giveaway shows, such as Oprah's, proliferated. Bill Gates, liberal mega-billionaire, became a pop icon. 
     George W. Bush took office after a slight disagreement on the 2000 election results, leaving opponent and inventor of the Web Al Gore out in the cold. Al later became an embittered environmentalist.  
      Bush #43's eight years were dumbed down. Reality TV became the norm, along with inane sitcoms, like Will & Grace. The music scene was forgettable.
      Obama's eight years have reflected his bitterness, lack of morals, hatred of Christianity, abhorrence of capitalism, and racism. This president could be the beginning of the end for America.
     Today, mass shootings are rampant, mindless sex is the norm, cheating is expected (Tom Brady), political correctness is the new religious doctrine, murderers on death row are wept for as millions of unborn children are tortured and snuffed out, and too many Americans turn up their noses to opportunity and instead, opt to suck the teat of the US government.
     Today, marches and riots are held to honor gangstas; whites are despised and wrongly thought to be "privileged." If a good Christian talks about God or Jesus Christ, he is thought to have committed a hate crime. Cops are going berserk and are beyond brutal; some are murderers. Military maneuvers in the southwest region of America are thought to be directed against those who love the US Constitution.
     Big Brother government is spying on average citizens in America and in foreign countries in a way that puts George Orwell and his classic, 1984 to shame. Nihilism is coming into vogue, the government is dumbing down our children's education (Common Cause), and illegal aliens, mostly from Mexico, are streaming across our southern border and taking over southern California and much of the Southwest.
     Many public schools are teaching that alternative lifestyles-gay couples-are 'normal,' gay couples are shown kissing on television despite the fact that children may be watching, and transgenders are the new sexual alternatives.
     I do not know how we are going to clean up America. I have no idea how our children and grandchildren are expected to pay for today's over-bloated federal government. And when Americans lose Christianity, along with the ideas of improving ourselves and of having eternal life, I don't know how we will handle that, as it will be a catastrophe of immense proportions

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Where's the Outcry?

     Yesterday there were two highly publicized multiple murders. One involved a black man shooting and killing two white reporters who worked at WDBJ-TV in Roanoke, Virginia. The other was a black man from Arnaudville, Louisiana who shot and killed a black police officer and stabbed and murdered his black sister-in-law.
     In Virginia, the first murderer, Vester Lee Flanagan, led a tumultuous life, harboring hatred toward anyone who he thought was racially or sexually prejudiced toward him. Flanagan was also gay.
     Two years after he was fired from WDBJ, Flanagan bought an automatic pistol, rented a car, and wrote a 23-page manifesto that was filled with hatred towards whites. After tailing his victims, he approached them during an on-the-air interview, pistol in one hand and cell phone in the other. Flanagan recorded his act of multiple murder, fled the scene, and uploaded the murders on Facebook and Twitter. Later, he shot and killed himself.
     Flanagan wrote on Twitter that one of his victims, 24-year-old Alison Parker made racist comments.Flanagan accused her of this when he worked at WDBJ, but after an investigation, Alison was found innocent of the charge. Most murderers are chronic liars, especially if the truth incriminates them.
     The second murderer was Harrison Riley Jr. He, along with his wife and her two sisters were at a house in Sunset, Louisiana when an argument ensued. After he attacked his wife, Courtney Jolivette Riley, her two sisters intervened to protect her. Riley also stabbed his wife's two sisters.
     Riley's cousin, officer Henry Johnson intervened, but Riley shot and killed him, using the officer's pistol. Courtney's sister, Shameka Johnson, died as a result of her stab wounds. After Riley fled the scene, other officers chased him to a nearby convenience store.
     After a two hour standoff, officers arrested Riley.
     What these two crimes have in common is that the murderers are black. Two victims in the first crime were white. Two victims in the second crime were black.
    And yet, there has been no outcry over either incident. President Obama has not compared any of the victims to being the "son I never had." Neither Jesse Jackson nor Al Sharpton have stepped up to the microphone to complain of blood running down our streets. There has been no marching, no riots, no moments of silence, no "Black Lives Matter" posters displayed or in graffiti.
     Apparently the murderers' color was all wrong. If the murderer had been white, as in the cases of Trayvon Martin or Michael Brown, the State National Guard would already have been called out so the indignant masses could "burn the sucker down."
      This is hardcore prejudice directed mainly at whites. Apparently black-on-white murders are politically correct, as are black-on-black murders. Most white-on-white murders are also ignored in the mainstream media.
     This is wrong. All Lives Matter.
     I love America. But Obama, his pals, and the liberal media have been thumping the racist beat for eight long years now. It's time for a change.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Man Shoots and Kills Two Journalists

     The Big Story in the media today is the shooting deaths of two journalists conducting a live interview in Moneta, Virginia. Most of the details can be found here.
     The two journalists, Alison Parker and Adam Ward, were live when the perpetrator shot both them and the woman being interviewed, Vicki Gardner. The shooter, Vester Flanagan recorded the
murders as they were taking place. After uploading the pictures of the killings on his Facebook and Twitter accounts, Flanagan shot and killed himself.
     Flanagan is a former employee at WDBJ-TV in Roanoke, Virginia, where both journalists worked. He used the name Bryce Williams when he worked there. According to the station manager, Flanagan was difficult to work with and instigated arguments with co-workers. He was canned.
     Flanagan was black. After the murders, he tweeted on his Twitter account, "Alison (Parker) made racist comments." That is an accusation that will not likely be verified. Murderers generally are chronic liars.
     Gardner was shot in the back. After surgery, she was reported to be in stable condition.
     Let's hope and pray the Obama administration doesn't jump at the opportunity to clamp down on gun ownership in any way. Even if you confiscated every gun in the world, the government cannot take away our knives, swords, axes, machetes, baseball bats, poison, or fists.
     The world will always have psycho murderers.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Anchor Baby Dilemma

     GOP Presidential hopeful Donald Trump has pulled away from the other 25 candidates since the debate. There are several reasons for this, but the main one is that he promised to send all illegal aliens back to their country along with any of their children who were born here.
     Sounds good if you are bothered by the fact that there are millions of illegal aliens-mostly Mexicans-settling here. Children born in the US , but of illegal aliens are known as "Anchor Babies." Anchor means that the child anchors the family to America in the hopes of the parents receiving citizenship or legal residency.
     After Trump made his promise, there was an outcry immediately from the left, who overwhelmingly believe that we should allow illegal aliens to remain in this country, some going as far as to encourage them to immigrate, live here, vote, serve in local government office, and receive assistance and benefits from the government. They allege that illegal aliens and their assumed legal children could not be rounded up and sent back to Mexico as that would violate Section 1 of Article Fourteen of the US Constitution. Plus, they relegated the term Anchor Baby to the status of the 'N' word, claiming it is politically incorrect.
      Are the liberals correct? Are Anchor babies protected by Article 14? Or can Trump send American-born children back to Mexico because their parents are illegal aliens?
     Section 1 of Article 14 says, "All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside." The rest of Section 1 talks about some of our rights.
     What does this sentence mean? If Anchor Babies are one day sent back to Mexico, the issue may go to court, possibly sent all the way up to the US Supreme Court for review.
     No one can say what the final verdict would be. However, the meaning of the sentence is self-evident.
     "All persons born or naturalized in the United States..." If the sentence stopped there, the Democrat naysayers might have a point. But there's more.
     "...and subject to the jurisdiction thereof..." What does that mean?
     Jurisdiction is the legal system of a nation, such as the laws, courts, etc. This phrase was added after the Civil War after the slaves were freed. To eliminate problems during the South's Reconstruction Era, Congress gave blacks US citizenship, along with other rights, like life, liberty, and property, due process of the law, and equal protection of the law. The right to vote was given to blacks a few years later.
     When Article 14 was ratified, were there people born in America but not subject to the jurisdiction?
     Yes. The various Native American tribes. They were their own nation until given US citizenship during the 1920's.
     Anchor Babies, pray that Donald Trump will not become our next president.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Can We Defeat ISIS?

     Let's face it. The Obama Administration is not likely to take firm decisive action in the Middle East and go after ISIS. Look at Obama's timeline.
     The President spent too much time coming up with a plan for Iran to have nuclear power, which may result in the distinct possibility of the Persians producing a nuke. The Senate could likely approve this disastrous treaty. After the Iranians kidnapped 56 U.S. Embassy personell and held them for 444 days in 1979, can we trust them with a nuke? And how many times have they verbally threatened America and Israel?
     The president then took a short holiday with the First Family and now it's back to business as usual. However, I don't see Obama considering "boots on the ground" to defeat ISIS.
     If we elect a hawk for president next year, there will likely be soldiers back en mass in the Middle East and going after the Islamic terrorists.
     The U.S. forces outnumber and outgun ISIS. We have supplies, firepower, and the best military officers in the world. Plus we have a large stake in the Middle East, which is to protect our allies and interests. But does history have a warning for the U.S.?
     The main reason we lost the war in Vietnam is because the enemy drew the fighting out for several long years. The excess time our soldiers spent there took quite a toll on morality, there and back home. In effect, the leaders finally threw their hands up and admitted defeat.
     The war in Afghanistan has been rolling since 2002; the war in Iraq since 2003, with a short break in 2012. Obama sent some troops back to Iraq after ISIS reared their heads.
     Another factor in ISIS' favor is their state of mind. Their fervent belief in their interpretation of Islam, coupled with their fanatic regional possessiveness of their land are almost impossible to overcome.
     America is in the backyard of ISIS and fighting them there will give them an enormous advantage. ISIS can melt into the citizens' world if need be. Or they can pose as moderates and train to assist the American forces, which would put spies in our midst.
     I cannot overemphasize the zeal and religious fanaticism of ISIS. We captured and allowed the death of their former leader, Saddam Hussein. ISIS want their authority and real estate back. They will fight for the right to exist. Whatever it takes and however long they need.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Losing My Religion

The latest poll on the subject of religion reveals that Americans are giving up participation in a traditional religious denomination. Read about it here.

In 1990, 8% of Americans either had no religious affiliation, were atheists or were agnostics. Today that figure hovers around 20%.

Those are some big statistical differences. Some believe it is a reaction from the religious far right. Others say the shift is due to the inflow of illegal aliens into this country. Still others believe mankind is evolving from swallowing the ancient superstitions and mythologies we have been taught and that we are becoming more realistic.

If you research Christianity, you will find many other religions where a man is born from a human mother and a 'god' father: Mithraism, Zoroastrianism, Buddhism, the story of Hercules, etc. These religions are older than Christianity. Plus, these religions believe, like Christianity, that the Son dies to save mankind, rises up from the dead, ascends to heaven, sits at the right hand of God, and will judge mankind some day.

People are beginning to see through the lies and deceptions that the Roman Catholic Church and its Protestant cousins have laid on mankind for almost 2000 years. Many are waking up and changing their belief systems.

The Catholic Church was responsible for the Crusades, the Inquisition, the Witch hunts, indulgences, and so on. Plus, they are overreacting to a recent archaeological find which reveals that Jesus may have been married, the church going so far as calling the find a 'forgery.' Many Christians believe that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene. After all, he did appear to her first after he rose from the dead.

A lot of people who visit churches find the regulars to be a rather cold bunch, somewhat unfriendly. Why give your time and money to a church like that when you can sleep in on Sunday mornings?

I am surprised that more people are not moving past Christianity, Judaism, and other organized charades. However, America was founded as a nation which gives the right to freedom of religion.

Monday, October 08, 2012

The Race Issue

The race issue is not about to go away. On the front page of the New York Times is an article about a girl who is claiming racial discrimination after she was rejected admission to a university. Reason? Because she is white.

The case goes to the US Supreme Court this Wednesday.

The issue here is not race. It is, rather, the issue of using race to create strife and division in America. Remember the slogan Divide and Conquer?

Someone wants to divide the American people. And they are doing a pretty good job of it. These same instigators also use the issues of labor and religion to create strife. 

For example, South Africa's precious metals mines are mostly shut down today due to strikes. A strike started at one mine and spread to most of the other mines throughout the nation. Coincidence? I don't think so. 
In religion, look at the slue of stories concerning sex, Roman Catholic priests and young boys. No accident that you hear a lot about that issue.

The end game is for the rabble rousers to set up a New World Order, that is, a world government controlled by a few who will control the masses and the money. Along the lines of 1984. 

While the controllers patiently plan for the coming One World Government, they purposely take our minds off what they are doing by the load of news stories about race, religion, labor, war, radical Islam, and Communist China.

But the real news story is the insiders, a small group of influential people striving for worldwide communism. They are the American Round Table and the Bilderberg Group. Their foreign policy arm is the Counsel of Foreign Relations. 

And they work closely with our nation's leaders and with the leaders of other nations.

The Insiders are the real bad guys.

Henry Kissinger Interview

Henry Kissinger, former Secretary of State for Presidents Nixon and Ford, was interviewed yesterday by the Washington Post on the subject of foreign policy. Listen to the entire interview here.

Mr. Kissinger is the quintessential insider. He has attended past meetings of the exclusive Bilderberg  Group and has long been associated with the Counsel of Foreign Relations.

Asked what the most immediate foreign policy challenge is, Mr. Kissinger stated the present US military budget and what he referred to as the sequester cuts. As it stands now, it would be difficult for America to maintain its foreign policy stance-presumably unless we increase the military budget.

Asked if we should join Israel in drawing the red line on Iran's nuclear power plans, Mr. Kissinger said no. He said we cannot subcontract to go to war. He went on to state however that a nuclear-armed Iran is unacceptable.

Mr. Kissinger was asked about the recent belligerent relations between the US and China. He said we are not at war with China, but communications are a two-way street between the two nations.

Finally, he admits to endorsing Mitt Romney because he has a 'responsible foreign policy.' That may mean beefing up America's military budget, among other things.

Interesting interview. There is a group loosely known as the Insiders.Their aim is a New World Order in the form of a one world government that will be communist and authoritarian in nature.

The insiders in America are known as the American Round Table. Their foreign policy branch is called the Counsel of Foreign Relations (CFR).

Historically, when the CFR takes a public stand on an issue which pertains to America's foreign policy, the presidential administration takes their side about 75% of the time within a few short months.

Given that statistic and Mr. Kissinger's decades-long close association with the CFR, maybe you can figure that 3 our of the four positions given by King Henry will come true.

Possibly including Mitt Romney becoming our next president?

Now We May Not Be Able to Sell Our Own Stuff?

Our right to sell our own stuff may be in jeopardy! A case is going to the US Supreme Court at the end of this month which may take away your God-given right to sell the very things you own without permission from the original manufacturer. Read the story here.

The case deals with products made overseas, not American-made stuff. Still, this could highly curtail some people who need cash and have something they bought or were given that was made in a foreign country .

I do not trust our present line-up in the Supreme Court. These are the same clowns that kept Obamacare, claiming it was constitutional. Have they sold out by taking away the rights which we have enjoyed for decades, rights which give us freedom of choice, the right to privacy, the right to bear arms, the right to worship as we see fit, the right to assemble and to petition the government, and so on?

If the Supreme Court rules at the end of October to snatch our right to sell our foreign-made things, we may as well rename the United States-The Soviet United States of America!